I will get around to writing guides myself one of these days. Until then, here are things that other people have written:

  • Yin's Oto Tutorial - This is the guide I used. It's extremely thorough, which will either be really good or really bad depending on how well you absorb copious amounts of new information.

These are other guides that I haven't looked at extensively, but might be useful:


  • UTAU
  • OpenUTAU - Alternative UTAU client with a lot of nice quality of life features. USTs can be safely transferred to and from UTAU, so I just use them both.
  • OREMO - Software for recording voicebanks
  • SetParam - Software for otoing voicebanks


  • Iroiro - Has all sorts of useful features (lyric conversion, batch lyric replacement, and so on)
  • Resampler patcher - Significantly speeds up the rendering process
  • Clipboard (clipboard.zip and pastespecial.zip) - Allows you to copy and paste tuning/formatting/lyrics/basically anything between notes